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Time Lapse


See your project in action with time-lapse video. Our on-site systems produce crystal clear images and time-lapse video, and are installed by our SKEFT qualified engineers. Each time-lapse system comes with a secure client login, so you can see your project unfold in real-time. Our systems can use solar power, battery power or mains power, so you can rest assured that our systems will run year-round, even through the toughest conditions.

We’ve been installing durable and reliable time-lapse systems for over a decade, and have a wealth of experience when it comes to rail, construction and industrial sites. We’ve carried out time lapse filming for various events and contracting projects.

All images shot through our systems are securely transmitted to our offices, allowing you to use your secure client portal to view automated time-lapse videos of your project or photos shot on site. When it comes to creating automated time-lapse videos, our client login gives you the option of selecting the past 24 hours, 30 days, or your project from beginning to present.

Safe remote access - desktop & mobile
Live stream secured & encrypted via HTTPS transport
Flexible archiving options
Time-lapse record & playback
Weather data - current & historical
Take instant snapshots anytime
Email, save & share content
Easily embed in any website
Satellite map & site plan integration
Image mark-up & comparison tools
Automated progress reports
Unlimited users with various control levels
Continuous support & training

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